Physical Therapy and Return to Play for Athletes

Returning to your prior level of play after an injury can be hard.  We're here to help.

A sports injury includes an acute injury that happens during activity, a chronic injury that is hindering performance, or any pain that is limiting full participation in activity.  An athlete may also not have pain, but may have weakness, imbalance or inflexibility that physical therapy can address to improve sports performance and decrease risk of injury.

Working with athletes or an active population at Langford is a comprehensive process that progresses a patient from injury back to their activity or sport. Our sports therapists have specific areas of expertise, but are trained to work with any athlete and any body part. No injury is too small for treatment, and our therapists recommend being seen for physical therapy right away to address the problem in a timely manner.

Our Services for Athletes Include...

  • Functional testing to determine risk for injury

  • Return to sport testing to determine readiness for activity (jumping and running progression, strength and endurance testing, agility, and mental readiness)

  • Pre-surgical intervention to prepare a patient for better outcomes after surgery

  • Post-surgical intervention for safe return to activity with proper time frames

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