What Services Do We Offer?

We are movement specialists who understand that pain-free movement is essential to living your life to the fullest.  We know that you have a choice in your health care, and would like to thank you for trusting us to help you meet your rehabilitation goals.  To learn more about our services, please explore some of the options below.


Joint Pain & Injuries

Orthopedic injuries and pain include any injury, pain, or dysfunction in any of the many joints of the body (back or neck pain; shoulder, knee or hip pain; etc). Joint pain can come from many sources and develop for a variety of reasons, and we can help determine if your symptoms are appropriate for treatment by a physical therapist, or whether you need other medical care.


Sport-Certified Specialists & Return to Play for Athletes

A sports injury includes an acute injury that happens during activity, a chronic injury that is hindering performance, or any pain that is limiting full participation in activity. Working with athletes or an active population at Langford is a comprehensive process that progresses a patient from injury back to their activity or sport. Our sports therapists have specific areas of expertise, but are trained to work with any athlete and any body part.


Physical Therapy Before and After Surgery

We work with your surgeon to tell you how much activity you can do, depending on the type of surgery you have. It can also make a huge difference if you come to physical therapy prior to surgery to increase your strength and motion to help with recovery after surgery.  We also work with doctors to help patients delay or avoid the need for surgery.  Following surgery, we work with you and your doctor to design a personalized rehabilitation program for you and help you gain the strength, movement, and endurance you need to return to performing the activities you did before.


Pelvic Pain, Incontinence, and Maternity Care

Our pelvic floor physical therapists work with clients with a spectrum of issues that can interfere with quality of life: pregnancy-related pain, preparation and strengthening for safe deliveries, postpartum care, pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction, and bowel and bladder dysfunction. 


Balance, Dizziness and Falls

Dizziness, vertigo and falls can really make it hard to lead an active life, to be able to take care of yourself, and to participate in your recreational activities.  Our therapists will perform a detailed evaluation, and our balance and vertigo expert Mary Grow, PTA will work with you to overcome your dizziness and address your risk of falling.