Mary Lou Langford

Mary Lou Langford, PT, President

Mary Lou Langford, PT, President

Mary Lou has more than 41 years experience as a physical therapist and has worked in all aspects of the field. A founding and current shareholder of Desert States Physical Therapy Network, and graduate of the University of Kentucky, she prides herself in having established a high level of excellence in Langford Sports & Physical Therapy care and in supporting her staff to reach their goals while happily assisting our clients to reach theirs.

Mary Lou spends her free time trail riding and training horses. In the past she was a national sailing champion, a runner, a mountain biker and always engaged in some form of athletics, which helps her relate to her patient’s and their injuries.

Her best physical therapy tips are pay attention, be consistent and follow through. Patience and persistence always pays off.

Her favorite quotes are, “Be humble for you are made of earth, be noble for you are made of stars.” and “Trust yourself.” – Unknown