Jenny Ploss


Dr. Ploss has been a physical therapist at Langford for three years, working with a range of outpatient orthopedic patients after graduating from UNM and receiving a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She also worked for two years with children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families, performing family-centered evaluations, and assisting parents with services and education regarding the best opportunities and interventions for their children.

She is actively working toward certification and specialization in orthopedic manual therapy, and would like to specialize in gait, climbing, and running injuries. She also loves working with the general population, who she describes as “those of us mere mortals who just want to move and live better, with less pain, and better function!”

Jenny is an avid climber, and also loves to backpack and run. For her most recent family vacation, she carried her three-year-old son to the top of the highest peak in Colorado, and she and her husband did a 60 mile backpacking trip for their 10-year anniversary.

Her best physical therapy tip is to create an integrated program which the patient can perform for life in order to not only control and reduce pain, but more importantly prolong the ability to keep doing the things he or she loves to do best.

Her favorite quote is, “Te mamo” – from her son, learning to speak spanish