Here at MoveTru at Langford PT, we believe there is a way to get EVERYONE to move well.  Within a physical therapy setting, we can be limited by insurance reimbursement, and so it can be frustrating when we discharge clients–where do they go from here?  How do they keep progressing and working on movement?  How do they keep from getting bored?

So we recently opened a second space for movement training (our MoveTru space).  We have three main emphases here: Movement training via the MovNat approach taught by Julie, Jenny & Jason, return to sport led by our certified athletic trainer Julie Holt, ATC, LAT, ITAT, MTC, and rock climbing training led by climber and physical therapist Jenny Ploss, PT, DPT.  Today, I’m going to delve into the MovNat paradigm (and it is really REALLY fun!).

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Today’s Focus: the MovNat Movement Training Paradigm

MovNat is a physical fitness and education system based on natural human movement.  It includes movements such as walking, running, jumping, balancing, carrying, and crawling.  And the thing that makes MovNat awesome is its focus on form and its thoughtful progression breakdown.

When trainers or physical therapists work to teach people to jump, run, throw or lift, we as physical therapists often run into one or all of three scenarios:

  1. We don’t have a low-enough OR high-enough progression for the current abilities of the client.
  2. It gets boring (I mean it can get really, really boring).
  3. After discharge, the client can’t keep progressing safely/effectively, gets bored, and stops doing his/her exercises.

Let’s break these down, and talk about how MovNat fixes that!

  1. Progression: MovNat is an amazingly well thought-out system that really breaks down natural movements into discreet components which make sense AND are still fun to do.  Mostly, it’s more fun to work toward a goal (being able to balance across a beam or jump from rock to rock across a stream), and when you can progressively, incrementally work toward that goal you are much more likely to acheive it.
  2. Boring exercises: I mean, how boring is standing on 1 leg?  Instead, MovNat gets clients to stand on one leg long enough to move over or under an obstacle, or long enough to recover balance while walking on a beam (or while standing on that small rock in a stream).  Instead of just working on “tandem stance” (one foot in front of the other), you walk on a balance beam (eventually).  It’s just more functional, more useful, and more FUN than most exercises.
  3. Discharge and progression: We now have a very good way to get people who otherwise don’t continue to progress or maintain their PT gains–everyone who gets discharged from PT at Langford can now come to 2 FREE classes at our MoveTru space in order to see if MovNat is as fun as I say it is!  If you haven’t gotten your free classses and have been discharged in 2017, call our office and get a code!
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How we are using MovNat

We have a LOT of 1 hour classes that progressively move clients toward better functional, natural movement.  Each class is carefully designed by your instructor (Julie, Jason, or Jenny) in order to progress you beyond what you previously learned and to reinforce that on which you still need work.

Some of our special classes include…

  1. Balance classes with Julie: Julie is our athletic trainer at MoveTru.  She has a significant sport background and decided she loved the MovNat training paradigm and she was using a lot of the components of MovNat even before she got certified.  It made such a difference!  Julie teaches all kinds of classes, including a balance class, in which you can really hone your balance and movement skills in a fun, challenging environment.  Come see Julie’s classes and do this…

2. Osteoporosis-specific classes with Jenny: I (Jenny) am a physical therapist at Langford, and have a passion for community development and injury prevention.  I was frustrated by my limitations in physical therapy, and latched on to the MovNat paradigm after my certification in early 2017.  I freaking LOVE this way of training and moving!  And now I get to use my education to make a difference BEFORE people fall or get stress fractures because of osteoporosis combined with decreased strength and balance.  Come sign up for an osteoporosis class and join these amazing women…

3. Parkour classes with Jason: Jason is an elite rock climber, but since he’s been climbing since he was 14, he has hit a plateau.  MovNat and parkour have given Jason a way to challenge himself and really improve on something, as well as a way to make a big difference in the Albuquerque community.  Jason’s parkour classes are tough, but you will be progressed through a very appropriate progression to avoid injury–pretty much, you learn to FALL really well, then use that to improve your dynamic movement abilities progressively until you’re doing stuff like this…

What our clients are saying…

I have been doing MovNat classes for over 3 months now with Jenny Ploss. I know my balance, posture and strength have improved! In all the exercising I have done in my past 70+ years I don’t think I was ever exercising correctly or paying attention to using correct form. I am now moving differently than I have in the past. My hope is to continue to improve my bone density, posture and strength through these classes. Thank you Jenny and the MovNat classes. Who knew I could swing from monkey bars 6 months ago?!!! –MaryAnn

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