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Today I’m writing to give a shout-out to our very amazing, very motivated, very knowledgeable certified specialists here at Langford Sports & Physical Therapy.  We now have THREE certified specialists in our clinic (and as of 2016, there were only 20 certified therapists in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area!!!).  Congratulations to our newest certified PT, Brigit Buszek, and here’s to our two other certified PTs, Beth Jones and Jimmy Minner.

About Specialist Certification

Our professional organization, the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) established the specialist certification program in 1978 in order to “provide formal recognition for physical therapists with advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in a special area of practice and to assist consumers and the health care community in identifying these physical therapists.” — ABPTS

In order to qualify to take the grueling 7-hour qualification exam, you must document literally thousands of hours of experience and an incredible depth of knowledge and skills in a more specific area of practice (sports injuries, orthopedic injuries, or pediatrics, for example).  Our sports-certified specialists completed residencies which involved didactic education and hands-on guided physical therapy care in the clinic and on the field.  Beth Jones, our orthopedic specialist, certified 10 years ago and then had to document all of her education and practice since then in order to re-certify.  Needless to say, this is an extremely intense experience, which is why we are so proud of our 3 certified physical therapists!

In the state of New Mexico (as of 2016 test results), there are only 48 certified PTs.  Within the Albuquerque/Santa Fe region, there are only 19 orthopedic certified therapists, and only 2 (we don’t know yet if anyone else passed this year) sports certified therapists, and BOTH of those are ours (there used to be 3, but one of them was our own Jason Taylor and he left us for the rainy northwest)!!!

Here is more about each of our amazing certified PTs at Langford…

Brigit Buszek, PT, DPT, SCS

Brigit completed a year-long sports residency program at Houston Methodist Hospital after graduating from UNM’s Physical Therapy program.  In addition to her didactic and clinical work, Brigit had to work at least 200 hours on the field during competitions, practices and games.  After she got all this experience, she returned to Albuquerque to work at Langford and study for her 6-hour exam (which she passed in June!!!).

Brigit says that her residency program lead her to get certified.  She says “I believe it is important for patients to be able to recognize a physical therapist with advanced clinical knowledge, experience, and skills in a special area of practice.  As an athlete myself, I recognize the need for special care and attention that all levels of athletes require for successful [recovery].”  Brigit also states that injuries and pain in sports are common but shouldn’t be “expected as normal.  Pain is something that can and should be treated by a professional to not only improve longevity in the sport, but also for improved sport performance.”

Brigit states that she really realized how important collaborative care is during her residency.  She worked closely with primary care doctors, surgeons, athletic gtrainers, and parents so that the patient had comprehensive care across the spectrum from initial injury to return to sport.  She also says, “I also realized that the more I learn, the more I HAVE to learn.  Which means that continual learning and growth is imperative to my success as a PT.”

Brigit has extensive background in gymnastics, as an athlete, coach and judge.  She had the pleasure of working with Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles while in residency!  She also focuses research on growing athletes and has specific interest in working with kids and adolescents, specifically regarding growth-related injuries and pain that can be effectively treated with physical therapy.

Contact us and schedule your appointment with Brigit today and get you or your child started with this amazing PT today!

Jimmy Minner, PT, DPT, SCS

Jimmy graduated in 2010 from UNM’s Physical Therapy program, and after working here at Langford for 2 years, decided to complete a sports residency with Proaxis in South Carolina.  He then passed his certification examination in 2013 and has been working here developing a high-level sports rehabilitation program ever since.

Jimmy says that his residency allowed him “an opportunity to dive back into didactic coursework and research related to sports rehab.”  He got to improve his acute injury skills and work on the field, which helped round out his skills for athletes.  Jimmy says that his mentor, Ellen Shanley, PhD, PT, OCS “really illustrated the importance of connecting with patients and finding unique ways to tap into motivation and help them achieve THEIR goals in therapy.”  When you watch Jimmy work, you can feel this–the connection he has with his patients is palpable, and his patients are always working to hard for him, probably because he aims his interventions so consistently toward the PATIENT’S goals.

Jimmy is a competitive doubles and sand volleyball player and has a background in football and track and field (he threw javalin for UNM!).  He has an amazing ability to progress athletes with a personalized program that is soundly developed using best evidence and best practice.  Call to make an appointment with Jimmy today!

Beth Jones, PT, DPT, MS, OCS

Beth states that it was important for her to certify so that her patients and the medical community knew that she had the skills and knowledge exemplifying certification.  In addition to certification, Beth chose to go back to school to attain her clinical doctorate (DPT) in 2004, and she is currently working on the final dissertation of her EdD?? (motivated much?!).  Beth says, “With each milestone of achievement, I returned to the books and the literature and reflected on my practice.  With reflection comes growth.  I am certainly not the therapist who graduated with a BS in PT in 1982.  These milestones have kept me contemporary and up to date on the ever-changing practice of physical therapy.”

Beth’s specialty is the spine, pelvis, and trunk.  She is our primary resource for those complicated patients with whom we need extra help during the course of treatment.  To watch Beth work is to really see someone who has worked with an incredible number of patients and who has an intimate knowledge of anatomy and the feel of the spine.  Beth states that she firmly believes that arm or leg issues often arise from a poor base of support (otherwise known as your trunk, which includes your back, belly, ribs and pelvis).  To Beth, “the body is all about the intricate connections to all aspects of anatomy–including muscle, bone, fascia and the nervous system.  We orchestrate all these things to function.  My task is to figure out what might have gotten in the way of this symbiosis.”

If you want to come see Beth, and find out what she can do for you, call and make an appointment today!

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