Julie Holt, ATC, LAT, MCT, ITAT gives us an inside look at her work with the Albuquerque Sol

Julie Holt, our athletic trainer, is wrapping up a successful season with the Albuquerque Sol.  She took over this year from Jason Taylor, a sport-certified physical therapist at Langford, who worked with the Sol last year.  In case you didn’t already know, the Sol is our professional soccer team, part of the Premier Devlopment League, which is part of the USL (United States Soccer League), and they have their final game of the season on Saturday.

I got to go with Julie to a practice the other night to see what she does there (compared to here at Langford–see my latest post on Julie and how she works here at Langford), and I thought you all should hear too!

Without Julie this season would have been a disaster.

–David Sullivan, Jr.  (Director of Operations for the Sol)

What Julie does for the Sol on a daily basis…

-Develop preventative program for whole team (mostly lower leg stuff): this entails prehab work (if you haven’t heard this term yet, get read, it’s the new buzzword in the training/physical therapy world, and we are working hard here to do more of this via outreach, education, and our MoveTru movement space!)
– Tape and brace injuries: 40% of injuries in professional soccer involve the ankle and foot (and most of these are ankle sprains).  So Julie is a pro at ankle taping!
– Manual therapy to injuries: Physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and athletic trainers ALL do this–talk about overlapping care!  We love this overlap–see my blog about collaborative care here too.)
– Diagnose and treat injuries: 25% of professional soccer injuries involve the knee, and athletic trainers are there to perform initial screening/diagnosis of acute injuries on the field, as well as to help rehab injuries that don’t require a physical therapist.
-Provide emergent response and treatment to injuries on the sideline: see Julie’s “favorite” injuries below–she had her work cut out for her this season!
-Facilitate appointments for athletes to see other health care providers: when Julie screens/evaluates a player after an injury, she often sends them to a doctor and/or a PT if they need those services, and to improve the care they get from all providers.

Once the season started she faced a number of injuries and at times had over half the team to take care of before, during and after practice. Julie was always willing to get here early to make sure she had time to treat each player and made sure to always do it with a smile and a positive outlook. She found a way to tape, massage and cup our team through the season and as an organization we are truly indebted for her commitment and enthusiasm. –David Sullivan (Director of Operations for the Sol)

5 things the Sol endured this year…

Because I’m a weirdo, I also asked Julie what her most interesting/gruesome/awesome things she saw this season were (and I added my own take on these for fun)…
1. TMJ irritation from a direct contact of a ball to the jaw — Julie worked with our amazing physical therapist, Monet Supple, to improve her interventions for this player.  See what Monet does here!
2. 2 broken noses (one requiring surgery) — I broke my nose playing soccer as well (some girl headed my face instead of the ball), and let me tell you, this one is PAINFUL!
3. Boutonniere deformity — This is a finger injury in which the finger can’t straighten because of damage to one of the tendons.  Originally, this was described after a cut that was deep enough to cut the tendon, and the hole looks like a button hole (“boutonniere” in French).
4. Ear/facial laceration: We get training as physical therapists in wound care, but Julie is much better at this than I am (and has the stomach for it).  I’ll leave it up to you to imagine this one…
5. Cconcussion: Julie was recently certified as an ITAT, or Impact-Trained Athletic Trainer.  This means she’s the bomb at diagnosing concussions.  And with the recent questions regarding soccer players and concussions, this is incredibly important!
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